Definitive Guide To Embedding Muut Forums And Comments

Before getting into the guide to embedding Muut forums and comments let me introduce you to Muut. If you already know what it is then you are free skip the introduction.

Introduction to Muut

We all have used forums on internet. You can’t disagree with me about all those forums you have been using or had used on the following statements:

Are they fast, load within no time ?  NO

Are they realtime like Facebook chat, in which you can actually know when a person is typing something ?  NO

If you are a web developer, and ever tried to install any of the forum script’s on your server, are they light weight as 1kb ?  Heck NO

Did you know that some of the very popular fourm scripts like VBulleting, Xenforo are paid scripts ? Really !

And obviously you need to have a good web hosting handle the forum script and the traffic. I’ve got a great news for you then.

Meet Muut the next generation forum software. Muut changed it’s name from Moot and they are backed by investors now, so you can expect them to scale their business and it is always good for us since they provide Muut for free and more importantly hosted.

The most fundamental changes Muut brings are:

  • Muut is forums and commenting unified
  • Muut is embeddable
  • Muut is easily styleable
  • Muut is responsive
  • Muut is fast
  • Muut is lightweight
  • Muut is realtime
  • Muut is simple and uncluttered

Starting with, embedding muut forums and comments with wordpress plugin

WordPress Plugin For Muut

This is the simplest way you can embedd Muut on any wordpress self hosted. It will be listed under plugin option in left sidebar in wordpress admin dashboard. You get option to add Muut comments to each posts and a forums. Now for embedding muut forums and comments you can use shortcodes.


Following shortcodes override the automatically generated Muut on a post:

  • [muut] enable flat commenting
  • [muut forum="true"] enable forums
  • [muut threaded="true"] enable threaded commenting
  • [no-muut] disable the automatically installed commenting
  • [muut path="/wordpress"] enable commenting with on a specified path

Embedding Muut forums and comments without plugin


Now select On “A New Page

You’ll get some code like this, copy it and paste it somewhere preferable notepad. Do not copy the code below, its for demo purposes 

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title>Meetup forum</title>
   <meta charset="UTF-8" />
   <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
   <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />
   <a class="muut" href="">Meetup forum</a>
   <script src="//"></script>


We’ll create a wordpress page template with this code. Open a textpad/ notepad/notepad++ whatever you use.

Step 1 : We’ll start with declaring page header of our page template

/* Template Name : Forums */
<?php get_header(); ?>

Step 2 : Navigate to Appearance > Editor. Press “Ctrl + F” this will trigger your browser find box. Now type page.php and open it by clicking on the link. The code you see makes the layout for your page in your wordpress theme. Now we’ll use this template, so copy it and paste it somewhere else.

Step 3 (Optional) : Find the wordpress loop  and delete those lines and any code within them. This code actually outputs what you write by creating a page from wordpress admin. So if you want this feature, you must not perform this step and go to next step.

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); 
 endwhile; // end of the loop. ?>

Step 4: Now go to the code we obtained from Muut site and cope the code within <body> </body> and paste it either after the WordPress loop or after it.

Step 5: Create a page and select Forums from the drop down template option present in right side of editor. Congrats ! you have successfully created your embedded muut forums page.

Embedding Muut forums and Comments For Non WordPress Users

Create a new php page, name it Forums or what ever you like. Declare the header, call necessary function(s) for your header template if exists. Paste the complete code obtained from moot site. Similar process for comments will work.

Replacing WordrPress Comments With Muut

Go to single.php in you Appearace > Editor. Find this line and comment is out by adding double slash in-front of it.


Again go to your moot forum, it’ll be here :[your-forum-name] , replace [your-forum-name] with the bane you have chosen for Muut forums. Click on “Embedd On your site” and select commenting on existing page using drropdown. Copy the code and add it after the comments_template(). 

Note: For embedding commenting using muut, you’d require single sing-on (one time sign-in) feature, for which you have to pay monthly, else everytime someone want’s to comment on any post he/she’ll have to go through registration process of Muut and not your site. So you may not always want this feature.


Now you have a super fast, realtime, and embedded Muut forums and comments. Create different forums within it, arrange them. Invite your reader’s and fans to discuss, share, debate in real time. You wont ever have to worry about spam, since Muut forums have in-built spam filters. So no more slow and boring forum software.

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