Best Way To Configure WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

This tutorial is meant for beginners who are setting up their “WordPress SEO By Yoast” plugin. No doubt it’s the best out there, but still if it’s not optimized, your site cant yield best results in search results/SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Before going to the configuration settings let’s analyse how should we best configure the plugin to get listed in search result pages. This is a screenshot of result page.


 The authorship data is derived from Google plus profile. That means you must have a google plus profile and in the connection’s in the profile edit option you must add “Contributor to” your website url.

Here are the most used or best way to configure WordPress seo plugin:


Options are pretty self explainable. if you want your usage statistics to the plugin developer so that he may use the statistics to improve the future release of the plugin. You also do not need to use the webmaster tools if you have already verified your site.

Here is the best way to configure wordpress seo “seo-titles” and “meta’s” :

For General tab settings:


For Home tab settings:


For Post Types tab settings:

best way to configure wordpress seo3

For Taxonomies tab settings:

best way to configure wordpress seo4

For Others tab settings:


Permalinks Settings :


For social settings, just tick or check all the options, connect facebook as admin. For twitter give your twitter page username like its “TechniKaly” for our page (

For Google Plus you must create a business page for your site and get its url and use it here. The url will be something like this – “” . And choose your name for “Author for homepage”.

Note:You must also completely fill your profile (Edit profile option in top right corner).

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