Top 10 Best Mobile Comparison Sites In India

Smartphone mobiles are today’s trends. Usually we never go for shopping a mobile phone directly without comparing it’s spec’s with other similar type phones. Mobile comparison sites provide a great tools for comparing mobiles that we we have shortlisted to buy and help us to sort out the best. Here are the best mobile comparison sites to help you compare and buy mobiles.



Buyhatke – Compare Mobiles


Go on browsing mobile phones and add them to compare. Very comprehensive and compares almost all features. The too does not comments on the comparison, so it is upto you to decide the winner. Maximum of 4 mobile phones can be compared at a time. They also have got browser extentions. Since they are pretty new comparison tools so expect some handsets to show data not available. The browser extension add a real time bar that compares the product in the page with the lowest available, they claim it to add some brain to the browser. With all these features this is my favorite mobile comparison sites.

 buyhatke-browser-extention –Mobile Comparisons Sites


Another great tool for comparing mobile phones before buying. A very simple tool with no much bells and whistles. Compares almost all features, you could ask for in a phone. It does not reviews the comparison’s so, you are free to draw your own conclusions.

91Mobiles-Mobile Comparison Sites


Nice and cool interface to compare mobile phones. Interface has features to guide you throughout the site. Along with comparison you can also get their verdict on the phone. So you get an added advantage of knowing how they finalize by pitching more than mobiles. Give this site a try to know more about these mobile comparison sites.


A large database of mobile phones with nice and intuitive user interface. Comparison tools are feature rich. They also compare a large list of online shopping site in India for the products. So you get a added advantage of minimizing your effort of manually searching your product online. Give it a try, we bet you’ll be impressed by them.

Here are the other 4 mobile comparison sites in India :


Very effective comparison tool by

The Mobile Indian

Simple tools yet compare almost all specs and features.

Popular tool to compare services and products.

Smart tool, nice guides and comments on comparisons, overally a great tool.

These 2 mobile comparison sites are not Indian but do perform efficient comparison and have a solid database of mobile phones. Do try them.

GSMArena Compare

Very easy to use with great database to compare. Globally acclaimed for dedicated mobile phones knowledge platform.


Compare them “head to head” , not so interesting interface but feature rich tool. Nice comparison results with great inline comments.

  • Beside these mobile comparison sites you can always have alternatives like cnettop10reviews.

Note: You may not want to click on the “buy now” buttons on these websites. They will simply redirect you to the main site where the product is listed like,, …etc. There is no harm in clicking, but remember by clicking “Buy Now” and getting redirected the respective comparison sites gain (may/may not) some affiliate commissions from the online retailer’s. If you are comfortable with that then no problem. They should earn something since they have put up a great tool for one and all for free.


Today, buying a mobile phone in any market is a bit complex as you always will have vast categories and types of phones with almost similar features and some with very different features (Say, feature phones). Buying a smartphone always involves a lot of comparison and lot of brainstorming before circling on a product suitable for you. I’d advice always go for these comparison sites and compare the specs. Then type in the mobile phone product names into google search along with the word “Reviews” in front of the search term like “iPhone 5s reviews” and read the reviews to check if the phone you are planning to buy actually meet your requirements or not. A phone is expensive, does not mean  it is suitable for you. So, always compare, read reviews, and then buy. If possible check out some forums, social media, and comments on different sites to find out if someone had used that phone so that you can get a real life review from someone who have used that phone. It’s your money, invest wisely.

Hope this list might help you. If i’ve missed any point let me know in comments.

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