How Lumi Can Be Useful As A Content Recommendation Engine

We have reviewed and found this web based content recommendation service very intuitive and compelling. In fact we didn’t even utilised it for the very cause it was created for. Increasing productivity by recommending personalised content from the web must have been what it had been created for. If you still haven’t tried it, you can try now because it literally takes second’s to set up and then it read’s your browsing history and the recommendations start popping out in various coloured boxes. You can simply grab the browser extension from Lumi to get it more personalized or, get it connected with any social network you like and invite friends.


Let’s see how Lumi can be useful to you. For instance you had been researching on the topic “medicine” over internet. Now, the reality is internet itself is so vast with many blogs, portals, websites, forums, social networking site’s and etc. that to learn everything it would take you months. And not every piece of content you find or learn can guarantee you it’s validity or truthfulness and for that that you’ll also have to take care of the reputation of the site you are reading the content from. Gathering articles/content’s keeping in mind the reputation of source’s of information may at times be time intensive task. How lumi can be useful here is, it can automate the process by learning your browsing history and recommend you personalised content’s and article’s from around the world.


Or, you can simply log into your lumi account and search for the topics you want and add them to your account. Moreover all the sources of information provided by the recommendation’s by lumi are usually from reputed sources (say blogs, portals, forum’s etc). Now that you’d have logged into your lumi account and have installed lumi browser extension (get here), you can click it anytime and the site you are currently viewing goes to your personalized list of starred website’s. So in this way you can also add your own sources.


This will not only help in your research but will help you accelerate in your learning career. Say for instance you are studying in school or engineering or a graduate or marketing or on the process of learning a new language or are interested to learn new things regularly or a tech enthusiasts or you have a blog and are constantly search through internet to read all those great piece of content’s and every other thing, Lumi is for one and all.

I must say this can be a great tool for blog publisher’s like me, because we have to read a lot’s of blog’s and forum’s around the web at remain updated what’s happening through out the globe. Moreover it’s always tiresome and time killing to use google search and visit all the links one by one. Lumi will provide all that’s needed.

This is how lumi can be useful to everyone and which makes Lumi an excellent recommendation engine.

Let me know how cool you found lumi and how you use it to increase productivity.

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