All About Google Chrome Canary

What is Google Chrome Canary?

Google chrome build that lies between Chromium builds and dev. builds, Google chrome canary releases aim at testing the ultra latest features which Google can incorporate into their Google Chrome-dev. builds.

common features of Google chrome canary 

  1. Do not expect them to be stable as they are release to test the latest features before they are released to the public, they are like… suicidal canaries (read below why they are called so). Thus Google Chrome build’s can also be generalized as : chromium > canary > dev. > beta > stable, and their stability follows the reverse order.
  2. They can be run alongside another build of chrome and that also means that you can use multiple sync profiles in two different chrome’s. So you can have a stable version and a canary build in your PC.
  3. The Google chrome canary also uses different icon and look of the User interface so that you can differentiate it.

Why it is called “Canary” ?

There is an old technique of using canaries in coal mines in which the miner’s used to send them into the mine as a precautionary measure to check for any harmful gas to build-up inside mines, if so then the canary would be the first to die. Perhaps that’s why Google want’s to call it canary.

That means canary version of chrome will provide you cutting edge latest features to test than the developer’s build, If any of the feature’s kills canary or bug’s it will never find it’s way to developer’s build.

Why This Release Was It Required?

In order to shorten the life cycle of develop of newer versions of Google chrome and side by side give user’s the option to run an advance version of chrome without having to fully commit to alpha testing it should help increase the number of people willing to use the browser.


  1. As Canary is a secondary installation of Chrome, you cannot set it as the default browser. Also, it is currently only available on Windows and Mac.
  2. Since the Canary version of Chrome will be very unstable, it should only be used by those who are willing to risk losing browsing data in the event of a program crash.

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