How To Get Free 200GB Cloud Storage Instantly

Cloud storage has revolutionized the way we store and retrieve our data. We all use it in our day to day life, but many are still unaware of this simple fact. For those curious to know how cloud storage works HowStuffsWork and Wikipedia contains some great information’s. These days free 200gb cloud storage may mean a lot to anybody, but with the growing volume of data and storage capacities who knows whether 200gb will become the size of our USB drives in near future. Okay, lets get down to some mathematics…

The Mathematics For Free 200GB Cloud Storage:-

Mega  = 50 GB

ADrive = 50 GB

OneDrive = 25 GB

pCloud = 20 GB.

Google Drive = 15 GB

4Shared = 15 GB

Copy = 15 GB

Box = 10 GB

TOTAL = 200 GB (Yay!)

We’ll be combining the storage space’s provided by the above mentioned services for free.

Here are some the common features that I took into consideration before selecting them :-

  1. First of all, All of them are pretty popular and are financially backed by strong and stable organisations or institution, therefore you can always have faith on them that your data is always safe with them.
  2. The list mentioned above consider’s only free account in each services, which will be activated instantly and forever for your lifetime.
  3. All of them provides client software for PC/Mac/Mobile Device for multi-platform synchronization and cloud storage, that means all your devices will share one single storage space. This will help you a lot when you move a lot’s of content across laptop, desktop, tablets, smartphone. No, a unified storage will hold your data which can be accessed by all of your devices securely (As they employ strong encryption techologies)

Step – 1 : Signing Up For The Cloud Storage

First , you have to go to each of the 8 websites mentioned above and sign-up. Now, this is a bit time taking but, completely worth it, since you’ll be getting free 200GB cloud storage space for lifetime, and this should compensate your time wasted in sign-ups’s. Time is the key !

Do remember to download their desktop software for Windows/Mac/Linux after successful sign-up’s.

Mega, has a bit new and unique interface and employ RSA2048 encryption method, and a host of other feature’s like never using their server for any encryption. Your browser will do the work and their server will store the files.

ADrive has very simple sign up process. After sign up you’ll get 100 GB trial storage, which will later converted to 50 GB.

I hope you know about Google Drive , One Drive, Box, 4Shared. pCloud and Copy may be bit new to you, but they are growing their popularity these days and are promising services.

Step – 2 : Installing The Desktop Clients


Now, you can log-in into each of these clients and sync with your system.

Step – 3 : The Interface

Once installed, you’ll now need to accustom yourself with the software interface they provide, all of them are pretty easy to work with. For Box, you’ll need to have a Metro App, and all other will integrate themselves into windows explorer or your file system.


Some will also have their notification icons in the task-bar.SNAG-0001

One Drive /SkyDrive will prive 25 GB Storage. SNAG-0007

I hope you’ll enjoy your new free 200GB cloud storage. Let me know i have missed out on any popular option in comments below.

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