Speed Up Your Internet Connection Using These Settings

I hope we are well acquainted with different settings on windows to connect to internet either via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi. Did you know that Microsoft windows reserves some percentage of the available bandwidth for its background network activities like updating, checking for updates and other services/features of windows that require internet.

Setting up a appropriate DNS (Domain Name Server) can really speed up your internet connection.

Suspending some background processes and services can help you gain over your internet speed.

Following are the optimal settings to speed up your internet connection:

Make sure you are connected to the internet throughout the tutorial.

  1. Go to Network settings (look for the network icon, usually to the left of sound icon in the bottom right corner-right click on it and select “Open network and sharing centre
  2. Then go to change adapter settings. Now,here we see setting for Ethernet cable (if that’s plugged in), Wi-Fi , or any other controllers your desktop or laptop may have. We have to change settings in those which we use or will be using. Let’s say we mostly use the system at home and that means we’ll always be connecting to same network, so, in this case we have to do the settings and forget. But if we carry the system (say for laptops) and use, it to connect to other networks whether via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet, then the settings may vary a bit. Let’s see what we have to do.
  3. First for Cable Internet connections (via Ethernet): select the one for Ethernet >> right click on it and select Properties
    1. Under the network tab, scroll down to Inter Protocol Address Version 4(TCP/IP), Double Click on it.
    2. To fill those IP,subnet mask,default gateway configurations we need to find suitable settings for the system we are on. Here’s how to find :
      1. Win+R that would bring you normally to your run box, type in cmd and that would bring up your command prompt. Then in command prompt window type ipconfig , in the same command prompt windows scroll up a bit till you reach Default Gateway………………. default gateway means your router/modem, the address is of your modem/router. Some may have if you don’t get any then should be your default. Now copy that to your Ethernet settings windows.
      2. Subnet mask is usually something like,
      3. And the ip address is something like or or use whatever you see on your command prompt or try those i have listed, one of them will fit.
    3. Now, for filling DNS server address we need to find out what DNS is best for us. Now if you don’t know what is DNS, then in short it’s called Domain name server, what it does is: it resolves the domain names(like Google.com, yahoo.com) you type into your browser into ip address to connect to it.
      1. Here’s how to find right DNS for your settings- get DNS Benchmark tool from softpaedia, its free. and go to Name servers tab, it’ll refresh to get the list, then click on “Run Benchmarks” wait till the test runs. Then the top 2 DNS in the results are best out of others and are sorted out based on your network connection.
      2. Untitled
      3. here the Google DNS are suitable for my network so it’s best for me to use. Now, the name servers are and, fill them into your Ethernet settings box. Now, Save and Close.
      4. Now go to your broadband settings/wifi settings and follow the same process, but this time fill only the DNS Name servers and nothing more, leave other things unchanged.
      5. For further reading you can refer to DNS best practices by CISCO and from Technet Microsoft.
      6. Restart the system for the changes to take effect.
    4. Again Win+R and type “gpedit.msc” on the left side under Computer Configuration choose Administrative Template. On the right choose Network, then choose QoS Packet Scheduler , and double click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” and choose enabled, and the percentage to 0; Actually, Windows reserves some % of the total available bandwidth for it updating, and background processes that uses network connection. BTW, you can have a look what background processes and services are using your bandwidth using Task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and in services (win+r, type in “services.msc”), with these tools you can have a control what/who uses your bandwidth.
    5. You can disable your firewalls and antivirus now, To make sure none of your programs are silently connecting to internet (spywares), Type these commands into command prompt (Remember, here the command prompt must be opened as an administrator ) Just right click on your desktop New > Shortcut > type in “cmd” > proceed, this will create a shortcut of command prompt on your desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”. 
      netstat  – b  – f 5
      netstat -b 5 > activity.txt
    6. Now go to speedtest.net to check your speed.
    7. Monitor your speed by using NetWorx, BitMeter, NetSPeedMonitor, cucusoft net guard, ISP Monitor, WFilter.
    8. Grab this tcp optimizer, use this to configure your tcp/ip (transmission control protocol – this is required to establish file transfer system between your computer and internet). After downloading open the application, go to MTU/Latency tab and click on Largest MTU, if the test fails then select another URL, and test again, after a successful test it will give you optimal MTU something like this: You can set your MTU to 1460, note it.
    9. Now, come to general settings tab and select custom at the bottom and fill in your MTU, then adjust your connection speed or if you are not sure leave it like that, it’ll be automatically detected. Then select your network adapter, select the one which you are using, one will be for ether net and other one will be for wifi if you are on a laptop. And check the option “Modify all network adapters” , then at the bottom choose optimal. Look top, near file menu there rest a preference menu, click on it , select www.google.com or nothing at all and check the option “Enable registry editor” click OK. Then “Apply Changes” .
    10. Restart your system.

Browser Settings for faster Browsing

First of all install click and clean app from hot cleaner for your browser.

This is a kind of sanitization app/ housekeeping app that will clean your cache data, all history, private data, cookies. Besides these it also features a lot more functions like privacy test, system cleanup apps and lot more.

In Google chrome settings use these for good speed results:


Here are some speed boosting tips for geeks. Keep your Google chrome updated. And regularly use Click and Clean app for faster performance. At last use least possible number of chrome extensions.

For Mozilla fire fox I could not agree more than what tips wiki-how has to offer. Those tips really make Firefox faster, try for yourself. And again, keep your browser updated.

BONUS TIP: Go to Task manager and navigate to Startup tab, disable those which tend to use internet like some adobe/Microsoft update services, which actually isn’t needed always and some similar type of other’s. Use Google to figure what each start-up entry does and how it affects your internet connection. BTW, you can also turn off windows update in services.msc if you want to because windows get updated silently in background and that also cost you your bandwidth.

A Little House keeping

Just turn off your system and modem/router, open the cables, check them for any defects vacuum clean them and the ports for dust. Reconnect everything again.

Refrain yourself from using any software’s or apps which advertise themselves to speed up your internet connection, to make it blazing fast. What actually they do is they tweak your windows registry settings and everything we just discussed above. Believe me you speed is always governed by the line-speed that you get, i.e the speed you are entitled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). So, its practically impossible to get more speed than that. What ever hacks/tweaks we apply to our system we cannot exceed the limit set by our ISP.

Hope that have helped you to cope with your slow internet tensions. Did I miss something? or do you have got any better tips, say it in comments.

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