How To Remove Ubuntu 13.04 Installed Alongside Windows 8

Ubuntu is considered best for beginner’s starting with Linux operating system. The confusion and nail-biting experience comes while installing and removing an Linux installation. Installation and removal are easy if you understand the process of installing a Linux OS. Gone are those days when installing a Linux to try or for professional use was a geek’s job and was like a nightmare for newbies to Linux. Now-a-day’s the Linux distro’s comes with an application which enable users to install their favorite Linux OS along side windows or within windows itself. Moreover the system will no longer boot into Linux by default, it’ll boot into your windows OS and then you’ll get a chance to chose your OS to boot as an option.

Note (STRICTLY): If you wish to try the new Ubuntu 13.04 – codenamed Raring Ringtail, I ‘d advise to use VMware or any virtualization software and create a virtual pc to install Ubuntu and get a hand’s on the Linux-OS, (If you are a newbie and want to avoid any headaches, really!) so than you can remove that without any problem.

But if you’ve installed Ubuntu 13.04 alongside windows 8 and want to remove that following tutorial will be helpful.

Steps To Remove Ubuntu 13 Easily:

NOTE:This method is applicable for most of the Linux Operating system’s.

  1. Use a Live USB with Ubuntu and boot using it.
  2. Choose “Try Ubuntu”, go to edit network connections connect with internet (set up your internet connection and remain connected with internet)
  3. Open Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) on Ubuntu and use these lines of code :


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install -y os-uninstaller && os-uninstaller


Press Enter after entering each line of code and wait for the process to be completed.

Basically we’ll be using an app called os-uninstaller found in Ubuntu repository.OS-uninstaller will automatically be launched if not then find it here:System->Administration->OS-Uninstaller menu if you use Gnome, or via the dash if you use UnityChoose the OS you want to uninstall/remove.A confirmation will appear, Click Apply to start the removal.

AlSO SEE:Official website of OS-Uninstaller

Note: There may be numerous other methods but this one is pretty simple and less prone to errors (best for newbies).

Now Restart Your PC and it’ll boot into your windows.

Follow these steps to regain your lost space (The space Ubuntu has been using)

  1. Right-click on computer and select Manage.
  2. Go to Disk Management.
  3. The windows partitions will usually be wrapped in green, look to right of this green box. the partitions to right of it are usually created by Ubuntu.
  4. Delete Those Volume’s and they’ll go into that green box and will form a single volume.
  5. Now Format the volume.
  6. Right-click on the last NTFS volume and select Extend volume and then Next to complete the process.
  7. Now you’ll regain your drive space you’ve lost to Ubuntu.

And yes, you can change the drive letter’s if they are not displayed correctly.

Getting any problem regarding removing an OS using live usb of ubuntu, let me know in comments…

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