Read all Free e-books in Amazon on your Windows 8 Device

Amazon had been distributing free e-books that can be read on all kindle tablet’s (Range of android/non-android based tablet’s from Amazon). But for non kindle owner’s there is “kindle app”

available for major smartphone’s, computer’s, tablet’s & browser’s (as cloud reader). This app will help you access your kindle e-books anywhere and on any device.Amazon provides millions of free e-books which can read on kindle tablet’s.But if you don’t own one, here know how’ll you get your free e-books from amazon…

First of create an account with if you don’t have one.

Second head on to get the kindle reading app for your required device.(For windows 8 devices you’ll be redirected to windows app store to install the app.)

If you get any error while installing the app on windows 8 try this little trick:

  1. Press Win+R (opens up run command) .
  2. Type services.msc click ok.
  3. Search for windows update (usually present towards the bottom so, scroll to last) –> right click on it –> go to properties –> Then select startup type:automatic –.click ok to save.
  4. Again right click on windows update and select start.
  5. Restart your device (recommended).

This’ll help to get rid of error, If not use Google or Microsoft community.

Third sign-in to your account at and search for free kindle e-books and buy it. After buying they’ll be delivered to your kindle.

Fourth go to your kindle app (present at start screen). You’ll now be able to see your ordered book, click to read online or right click on it to download – for offline reading, the books will be saved on your device.

Tip: Right click on any book and you’ll see a option at right bottom corner to pin-it to start screen. It helps for quick access. 

For Indian user’s can now go to

Also see: – contains millions of free e-books (all for free and open).

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