ANDY Android Emulator Hands On Tutorial And Hacks

Andy is a seamless android emulator. If you want a android emulator to run in your pc/mac/linux computer, look no further than andy android emulator.

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At the time of writing this article there was no native linux version of andy android emulator available. But, you can always use WINE on linux to run andy. Or the hardway –  download custom build android OS  iso’s and install them in virtual system in linux. This is a topic of discussion of its own. Let’s get down to playing with andy.

What you can do with andy android emulator ?

  1. Run an android OS (latest) in virtual mode in your PC/MAC and that means you have all access to all android features along with this the software will let you integrate android with your computer which means drag and drop, harddisk sharing support are expected.
  2. Basically the software is combination of virtual box + android OS perfected to integrate seamlessly with your PC/MAC.
  3. Now, you can have your favorite android apps run in your PC/MAC using andy android emulator.

While installing andy, you’ll get to know that the software comes bundled with virtual box application, so if you have a lower version of virtual box installed, it’ll be upgraded automatically preserving your current state of existing virtual machines. andy-android-emulator-installtion   and do remember to check this option, andy-android-emulator-installation-windows-security and after installation, you’ll have two shortcut launchers, one is for launching Andy, and another is for launching virtual box. Both applications can be run independently. SNAG-0005 Now, on starting Andy, you’ll feel right with your android tablet, SNAG-0008 you’ll get a complete android device running virtually in your system. Almost everything that you can do with a android device you can do with this virtual machine. Not only that you have a lot of extension possibilities like you can have custom storage attached to your virtual android machine. Share drive/folder space with your OS. Extend more RAM, CPU, Video Memory for your device and a lot more. All these are possible because of virtual box. SNAG-0015 At the time of writing this article, Andy came with Android version 4.2.2. You can have any of your apps downloaded into your virtual android system. All functionality of android are intact, and no compromise on any feature. SNAG-0012 Andy is easy enough to learn, and you can learn it in no time, if you already own a android device. Let, get into beefing up your Andy. Since, Andy is combination of Virtualbox+Android OS, you can tweak every aspect of your virtual android machine. Launch virtual box, and right click on emurender.  and select settings. Here We’ll be tweaking settings for our virtual android machine. SNAG-0016 In the left sidebar, go to Storage  and you can add new disk (virtual) to your andy android emulator virtual machine. andy-adroid-emulator-adding-new-disk Since our virtual machine uses .vmdk  as virtual disks, so we have to make a VMDK virtual disk. SNAG-0018 Now, it’s upto you whether to create a fixed size disk or a dynamically increasing disk (A Disk which increases storage space with increasing data) SNAG-0019 Give a name, for example “MyDisk“. SNAG-0020 Now your virtual disk will be created. SNAG-0021 Lets add some memory (RAM) to our machine. Either move the slider or type in a value to allot specific RAM to your andy android emulator machine. SNAG-0022 Let’s make our machine a powerhouse, making it dual core. SNAG-0023 Beef up your VRAM, increase video memory of your virtual android machine. SNAG-0024 Now, my favorite part…The android virtual machine can share a folder or any of your drive in your windows. Let’s add D: to share. That means your andy android emulator virtual machine can read the content in that directory or drive. SNAG-0025 Finally, all our changes are listed on the front interface of virtual box. Now start / restart your virtual machine or launch andy app to see the effects.   SNAG-0026

From now on, you need not have to go through the hassles of blue-stacks and other software to run your favorite android apps on your desktop machines. Btw, you also have a great community support.

Happy learning !

How were the hacks on Andy ? Did I Miss any, let me know in comments.

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