10 Coolest Tricks To Beat Any Traffic

Bangalore traffic is a monster in itself.traffic-jam

It has become so worry some that even tech companies like flipkart have come up with innovative solutions to solve it some extent.

I have been in bangalore for last few months and it has been an learning experience with bangalore traffic. What I’ve observed is, you can have few tricks up your sleeve to not let the bangalore traffic disturb your mood.

Here are my 15 coolest tricks to beat any traffic:

1 – Use a bicycle or a two wheeler

Two wheeler is best choice when you need to reach your destination in quickest time as possible. They not only are faster on Indian roads, but also enjoy the advantage of smaller size which enables them to pass through the gaps between two heavy vehicles. Two wheelers are the most coolest mode of transportation possible. two-wheeler-traffic

Wear helmet, Helmet is cool

Smaller footprint of two wheelers plays to their advantage of ability to pass through smaller clearances, where heavy vehicles needs to use a route with enough clearance to pass through.

2 – Follow auto rickshaw’s which are not running on meter

Auto rickshaw’s are now a necessary evil in India.

Auto rickshaw’s have evolved over time like any other modes of transportation. Started with passenger cart in which the passenger sits in a cart like construct and the driver pulls an arc shaped handle which is attached to the cart on either sides. Read more about the evolution on wikipedia.

They know the best shortcuts, believe it or not. It is still the most effective mode of transportation in rural, urban and sub urban areas which can carry upto 4 passengers (3 in back, 1 in front). These consume comparatively less foot print than a regular sedan car, and these can be used as ruggedly as possible and these make the most robust vehicle on the road.

Auto rickshaw’s have provided employment to a great number of people, there is no doubt in that. Their sudden spurt puts them everywhere on the roads. Now, the number of autorickshaws is creating some serious traffic constrictions and problems. Irresponsible driving by amateur drivers adds to the traffic woes.

Nuances aside, auto rickshaws’s make on of the quickest mode of transportation.

3 – Carpooling

More number of cars = More traffic, simple eh !

It no trick that carpooling will definitely solve traffic jams to great extent, and since the traffic will be less you will reach your destination more quicker and no more getting stuck at traffic.


Carpooling means sharing your car journey so that your car is fully occupied and not all people bring their own cars. This will not only reduce travel costs (fuel, toll, etc.) per person it also reduces the stress during driving since you will be engaged in conversation with your fellow passengers.

carpooling a win-win for everyone

4 – Take public transport

This may seem like a far fetched advice, If you encourage others to take up public transport (Metro, BMTC) most of the time, this will solve a lot of traffic woes.

Taking public transport is cheaper and safer.

5 – Avoid the peak hours

You are already aware of peak hours in your area. Since the peak hours are centered around the office times. Traffic is crazy during peak hours, it is a wise decision to avoid peak hours all together. Starting commuting for your office early and reaching early before peak hour sets in is what should target for. Otherwise, if you can wait for peak traffic to fade away and reach our destination bit delayed.

Again reaching late may not suit your requirements. Thus use your best judgement to decide between reach destination early or reach delayed as per your situation and requirement.

6 – Know all shortcuts

Shortcuts are life savers when you are running late. There exists shortcuts everywhere, discovering those will be of great use when the need comes. Process of discovering shortcuts is also exciting. So what you need to do is note your starting time and arrival time and every time you commute, take different routes to your destination. And in few days you will discover shortcuts which you could use to your advantage daily. Usually the shortcuts are through constricted roads or through lanes across blocks.

Avoid usual roads and search for alternate roads and you will definitely find some not so usual roads to your destinations are way quicker than your usual main road.

7 – Walking is great choice for commuting

walking-trafficWalking is sure shot to beat the traffic if your destination is not far than 2-3 KMs, plus it makes for a great cardio exercise along the way. More than 2-3KMs will exhaust you out when your reach your destination and it won’t be cool to reach somewhere exhausted.

8 – Use subways wherever possible

Subways have been built to decrease the traffic on the road and provide a safe passage for commuters to cross streets. Subways also help in travelling quicker and there is also no traffic in subway to get stuck. Therefore, use subways wherever possible.

9 – Stay close to your workplace

If most of your travelling is to your workplace, then staying as close as possible to workplace is the best hack possible. You can not only beat the daily traffic, but also save a tons of time everyday.

Now, staying close to the workplace may not be a great decision of your workplace does not surround a calm and cool area with some sizable market at a walking distance. You get the point.

10 – Use bike taxi services

bike-taxi-serviceBike taxi services are popping up everywhere, thanks to the nourishing startup ecosystem. You get the power and comfort of summoning a “bike taxi” on demand to travel to your destination. Since we have already covered how cool are two wheelers in beating the traffic, same applies with bike taxies as well and there is a added advantage of not having the headache of owning & maintaining the bike. Helmet is mandatory though 🙂

Bonus – Use apps like waze, traffline, google maps

If you are not using these apps (waze, trafflin, google maps) you are yet to taste their value. These apps help you in figuring out the best route possible to your destination and these apps have evolved over years of engineering. So, there is no excuse to not use them.

These app will give you real time status of traffic situation on the road your are taking and will help you make decision on which route to choose reach our destination quicker and safer with as less struggle as possible. Isn’t that cool ?

Here are the links to the Android and iOS versions of the apps:

Waze: https://www.waze.com/

Traffline (now ridlr): http://ridlr.in/

Tips for time pass when you are stuck in a traffic:

  • Strike conversations with aunties/uncles. They will give you a whole lot of advice in there. Just agree to what they say. Trust me, a great time-pass.
  • Listen to music using earphones, is definitely a winner when it comes to beat boredom or avoid the crowd chatters in public transport.

Got any tips to beat the traffic, comment below.

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