Top 5 Best Keyword Research Guides For 2014

In this post I’ll share with you my deepest secret, the best keyword research guides that I had been reading to make my SEO skills strong. Keyword research prior to writing SEO optimized blog post is a must. It is required to get unique and new keywords for your next blog post or article. Methods of keyword research are different for newer sites/blogs and older and established sites/blogs. Searching for keyword research will land you with numerous blog posts with tips and methods and tricks. All those lack in one important thing that is depth of coverage on this topic. Keyword research is a vast topic in itself. It requires well researched and in-depth guide for its own. So, I went on scouring web for some in-depth and well composed and illustrated guides that do justice to this topic, keyword research.

It all begins with words typed into a search box

And now I present to you a list of 5 best keyword research guides from the SEO experts in the industry, having millions of readers. Whether you are beginner to SEO or an  experience person, these guides are written for everyone. Since keyword research is the primary step of SEO so you must spend some quality time teaching yourself how to keyword research smartly. Here are the guides to help you:

Keyword Research : The Definitive Guide

 best keyword research guides

A complete encyclopaedia by itself, this comprehensive and detailed guide by Brian Dean is the best guide I’ve ever read. It will drive away all your myths regarding keyword research. Some feature worth noting about this guide:

  • Best for beginners, in-depth coverage and gives full justice to the topic
  • long tail, keyword competition, and every topics surrounding this topic

My suggestion: If you wish to be fundamentally strong on keyword research from ground to up, read this guide completely. This is one of the best keyword research guides you’ll find.


MOZ’s Guide TO Keyword Research


This guide is from the industry leader in SEO, The Moz. Composed by Rand Fishkin a very well know face in SEO industry. This guide though written in 2012 still it’s a killer guide today. Well illustrated with nice and cool graphics to guide you through smoothly. This guide is the part of SEO guide by moz. What you’ll love in this guide:

  • Great stats and well written
  • Nice and cool graphics which adds to the meaning and sense of the content described
  • Short and sweet but effective enough

All these feature’s make this guide one of the best keyword research guides for 2014


Quicksprout’s Guide To Keyword Research


This guide by Neil Patel will show you how to discover keyword research sources and methods you’d have never imagined. This guide takes the topic a next level where you’ll feel like being an expert on keyword research after completely reading this guide. Salient features:

  • Some untapped sources of finding keywords
  • Unconventional way of keyword research
  • Great collection of tools for your help in keyword research.

 Every expert will agree with this guide as one the best keyword research guides in the industry.

Coppyblogger’s Best Keyword Research Guides


You have to register to be able to download the guides by copyblogger. As per my experience they are good and also have in depth-coverage in the topic. It’ll teach you how to analyze competition for keyword’s and select which keyword’s and reject which. Nicely explained and well comosed pdf guides from copyblogger are also worthy to be one of the best keyword research guides you’ll ever find.

SEL (Search engine land) ‘s Keyword Research Blog Posts


You have to read a series of blog post at Search Engine Land. These articles are descriptive, in-depth and well covered. These are not for beginners’s. I mean you must be fundamentally clear in keyword researching before reading these posts, in order to extract all the essence and juice out of these articles. Therefore I’d recommend to have a strong foundational knowledge by reading the keyword research guides as I mentioned above and then come to this one.

BONUS Guides:

I too have got a workout for you to have in order to increase your productivity, this kissmetrics guide  will guide you how to use Google spreadsheet to record your research and do it productively.

Did I miss anything, let me know in comments below.

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