Top 10 Upcoming Samsung Gadgets 2014 To Look For

Samsung as usual stunned the whole world with its upcoming gadgets in 2014 at the recently held CES 2014 at Las Vegas,NV. Samsung revolutionised the TV and the “Mega Display” industry by developing the cutting edge sharp and beautiful mega displays and not to forget the curved one’s too. Here are the top 12 upcoming samsung gadgets 2014. The list includes almost everything upcoming gadgets that Samsung has planned to introduce in 2014.

Here are the top 10 upcoming samsung gadgets 2014

1.Samsung S9 UHD TV – The World’s Largest curved UHD TV


Stepping up the oomph factor every year in the displays samsung produces, the sizes doubles and the width decrease. These sexy gadget’s which have got a new name of smart tv’s are going to rock the world of television viewing experience. Addition of wooden finish at the back not just make it look classy, it provides it the signature style that differentiate it from the crowd, and needless to mention a crowd puller. These magnificent displays will take immersion viewing to new level. With this samsung maintains it’s leadership in the TV market.

These Ultra High Definition(UHD) TV’s are solely made for 4K(3840 pixels × 2160 lines) and 8K  ( 7680 pixels × 4320 lines) resolution and that means more detailing and more realistic life like pictures and videos.

The TV’s will be available in 105″ and 110″ and they will sport a very thin bezel. Revamped SoC (System On Chip) will make these mega gadget’s more advanced, intuitive and so called smart tv’s with a processor. In terms of affordability, they will be slightly pricey during launch but there are discussion that samsung will bring out inexpensive UHD TV’s.  Rich Innovation’s and awesomeness make this upcoming Samsung gadget in 2014 worth waiting for.

2.Samsung M5 Wireless Speaker And H750 Soundbar


Samsung revealed these wireless sound system in CES 2014. Wireless streaming speaker’s, Home theatre systems, portable stereo and two tv sound bars.

3.Samsung H7730MW Blu-Ray Home Entertainment System


Samsung also revealed the H7730MW Blu-ray Home Entertainment System. It’s the perfect match for HD and UHD TVs, giving you a virtual 9.1Ch system for a stunningly warm yet clean audio experience.

4.Samsung NX30 Camera


In the digital imaging field, CES 2014 has seen the arrival of two new Samsung digital cameras. These upcoming samsung gadgets 2014 are going to be more powerful than ever.

One new camera to be showcased is the latest member of the award-winning NX series – the NX30 Camera.

In addition, Samsung also demonstrated its first ‘S’ Series premium lens, the 16-50mm F2-2.8 S ED OIS and a new compact Power Zoom lens, the 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS.

And if one digital camera isn’t enough, photographers will be happy to know that Samsung also showed the world the Galaxy Camera 2, which follows its extremely popular predecessor.

5.Samsung Galaxy S5


This is most waited upcoming Samsung gadget in 2014, The Galaxy S5, with the rich legacy of success of it’s predecessors  this is no doubt going to succeed in the market. This time samsung has thought to bring out two version of it. One with metal body and one with same old plastic body. Here are the full specs.  It will not only redefine the design, it will also introduce new technologies. This has also paved the path for very high resolution mobile devices.

6.Samsung Foldable Smartphone


These are future technologies but samsung has made them to be expected upcoming samsung gadgets 2014. Thanks cutting edge technology and developments in foldable displays, no more smartphones, tablet’s with be solid piece of hardware. We can fold them and carry them anywhere we want in our pocket.

7.Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO


The most waited rage of updated upcoming range samsung tablets named “GAlaxy Tab Pro” is finally going to come. No more hardware and software issues and bugs any more hopefully. Better display, powerful specs and affordability are the key targets that samsung will look forward to conqure in the market. These upcoming samsung gadget’s in 2014 are expected to provide an impetus to samsung tablet market.

According to samsung UK :

The creative and powerful Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 combines the productivity of a PC and portability of a tablet. Like a notebook PC, it has a large display that lets you see everything at a glance, with Hancom Office to help you to work wherever you want andSamsung KNOX to protect your data on the move.

As a upcoming samsung gadgets 2014 the premium tablet, measures up to the very best in terms of weight and thinness. For the first time you can now also make the most of a world-class 12.2” screen with stunning 4-million-pixel clarity. Movies and other entertainment really shine, giving you a much more vivid and immersive viewing experience. The Galaxy NotePRO’s 12.2’s precise S Pen lets you unleash your creativity and makes natural and accurate writing and drawing easier than ever. It also brings the Air Command feature to life, giving you instant access to many key functions.

There will TabPRO (12.1″) , TabPRO (10.1″) and TabPRO (8.4″) versions available.

8.Samsung S Smartwatch


In a move that could change the home forever, this upcoming samsung gadget in 2014 is a new Smart Home service that puts people in control of their devices and home appliances with one application that connects them all. With that single application on a Smart TV, digital camera, smartphone or wearable device like the upcoming samsung gadgets 2014 the  Galaxy Gear, you can now manage home devices from washing machines to light bulbs to air conditioners, whether you’re at home or away on the road. You can even use voice commands – for instance just say “Going Out” to your Galaxy Gear and you can turn off the TV and the lights.

That’s all thanks to Device Control, just one service that Smart Home will offer, which lets you use mobile device or your Smart TV to monitor or control home devices. Another feature in this upcoming samsung gadgets 2014 is Home View, which allows you to monitor your home remotely using your smartphone in real-time through built-in cameras on appliances.The Smart Home service also gives you Smart Customer Service. That allows you to receive service alerts and assistance in servicing your home appliances, taking all the hassle out of after-sales care.

At $299, the Gear isn’t designed for price-conscious consumers or people in emerging markets. Teaming up with the German automaker could help Samsung reach an audience that can afford the luxury gadget.

9.Samsung ATIV Decives

Redefining computing experience and mobile computing, samsung has launched brand new revamped ATIV laptops. A range of new ATIV devices were revealed at the Samsung Premiere, from notebooks to all-in-one PCs to tablets. Some even let you use two platforms: Windows 8 or Android. They also showcased a new technology, SideSync, that brings together Samsung’s latest products and makes life much easier. You must get your hands on and try these upcoming samsung gadgets 2014.


There will be ATIV tablets, convertibles and AIO PCs as reported by samsung in the CES,


10.Samsung SSD


Finally, with a high speed storage device the new Samsung SSD 840 PRO(Solid state Drives), closes the list of top 10 upcoming samsung gadgets 2014.

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