10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Wearable Tech

[dropcap type=”1″]W[/dropcap]earable tech is making its impact on consumers at a rapid pace. Smart watches, Smart glass, Smart wrist bands and what not. As per the definition goes, Wearable tech is a clothing/accessory that connects you with some electronic system. Say for instance google glass connects you with android phone & let you explore the real world with digitally processed information or a samsung smart watch is the best way to remain hands free of your smartphone but will always let you remain connected. I’ll try to convince you with 10 solid reasons to fall in love with wearable tech. There is no reason you should not, they’ll make your life more simpler, more connected, smarter, more productive and most importantly more cool and who does not like to be cool.


This is great example of what wearable tech feels. [credit to the original creator, i found it in Google images]. Update: ZEO Sleep manager is now defunct.

Throughout the article i’ll be mentioning use of some gadgets, so lets be familiar with these gadgets:

  1. Moto 360 : A state of the art smart watch by Motorala. Magnificent in design yet digitally perfect, a perfect balance of look and functionality.
  2. Samsung Gear 2 : Marketed as a companion to Galaxy note, This smart watch from samsung is a perfect example where wearable technology can go a long way in shaping a man’s life digitally.
  3. The Pebble Smartwatch: A great piece of smart watch from pebble.
  4. Samsung Gear Fit : A fitness assistant that resides on your wrist.
  5. Withings pulse : The Withings Pulse monitors activity level, heart rate and helps you get healthier, featuring steps, elevation, distance, calories and sleep quality tracking
  6. Jawbone UP24 : Great exercise tracking system
  7. Nike + Fuel Band :
  8. Google glass and contact lens : An awesome project from Google X labs that aims in incorporating smart features of android in our spectacles and goggles.
  9. Nike+ipod kit : Track how much, how often and how intensely you move.
  10. Lechal : A smart footwear from a 12th class Indian student. (While writing this article, this company was in great discussions, so I took it into account)

While you are reading this article many new wearable tech gadgets may have surfaced the scenario. I’ve tried to touch every category of gadget’s. After you read the reasons you’ll be able to relate the gadgets listed above with specific reasons. I’ll leave the reasoning to you. In no definite order list of reasons are:

1.Track Your Health Status In Real Time

Health is wealth. Now, we all know we do a lot to keep our health intact or improve it. Yoga’s, Exercises, Gymming, Morning walks, Treadmill’s and what not. We all have busy schedules be it students or parents or professionals. All those are great ways to stay fit, But how do we measure our fitness and results of all those exercises. Modern wearable tech will help you measure and even count every calorie you burnt every inch of health you improved, everything is real time processing digitally and will present before you in form of an smartphone app.

2.Prevent Diseases From Occurring

This is a clear deduction from the above point. If you are able to measure your health status, you would surely be able to avoid any deteriorating conditions and will be able to take necessary steps to prevent it. After processing the input data from your body the device can analyse and record in a database of your health status which will serve as your history. Imagine how this database could help your doctor to diagnose and treat any serious problem effectively. Again imagine if this data from other individuals could be shared globally and anonymously can be immensely helpful in research.

3.Ditch Your Bad Habits

We all have some good habits and some bad too. These wearable gadgets can also help you get rid of your bad habits that you had been wanting to but unable to because they had been deeply rooted in your life style. These gadgets will let you track your health and in that process all those obstruction that pulls you back from getting fit will also come to the surface, and you can introspect and analyze what habits you need to check to imorove your health and life style.

4.Intermix Real And Digital World

Intermixing real world with digital inputs is more advantageous than harmful. Just take augmented reality into picture, how real world objects are processed digitally. Similarly, a google glass can give you that information be just looking at a object. You don’t always need your smartphone’s camera to track them.

5.Make Your Life Super Productive

These wearable gadgets are like tiny assistants that will work behind the scene and will help you live a balanced life style. They will also intermix with your work-life and work in sync in order to maximize your productivity thereby making your more efficient. You’ll save time, money and labour a lot using these wearable tech in your life. For instance, while travelling or being busy in some other work you wish to google something google glass will come to help. And the possibilities are endless.

6.Watches Will No More Just Say Time

This is the age of smart watches. They no more just show time, they are made more fancier with more electronic functions. They will show the number of missed calls and almost all call logs. Being a great handfree tools, they will completely minimize the way you now are habituated with, that is taking out your smartphone in every now and then to check missed calls, messages or any info.

7.Wearable Tech Is The Second Skin

Wearable tech will act as a second skin. It’s like you are clad with a digital skin that analyses how your body works and reports you. You may use this report to develop yourself and make your lifestyle more balanced.

8.Make You More Cool

Who does not want to be cool. Youngsters prefer to be surrounded by gadgets, where as elders think more gadgets hamper creativity. This mindset will completely get changed, With the advent of wearable tech gadgets are more friendlier than being tiny electronic monster’s. Elders will love them, as it not only help you track your health, lifestyle and make you more productive, it will make you look cooler in eyes of youngster’s as you’d also be surrounded with gadgets like them. I

9.Personality Development Assistant

Wearable tech will act as personal development assistant. With the development in health field, wearable tech is bound to make an positive impact on your personality. As you’ll be monitoring your daily activities like exercising, sleeping, walking, working, and etc. You’ll yourself get introspected with all the analytics data you;ll obtain using these wearable tech gadgets.

10.Emergency Survival Assistant

Stuck in any emergency, wearable tech will help you out. You can imagine a situation when you don’t have your smartphone with you and you need to get out some very difficult emergency situation, wearable technology will be of great help that time, be it in form GPS (Global positioning system), sending SOS message, Contacting nearest rescue center Or Calling and registering situation with 911 all these features will help you make your life a bit more safer. Better safe than sorry.


These 10 reason will surely make you love these wearable tech gadgets. I’m also aware of the fact that they’ll cause security and privacy concern but the reasons to love them and invest upon them outweighs their negatives. After all since the giant companies will be producing those so we should expect appropriate security measures must had been taken.

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