How To Get More Reader Engagement And Decrease Bounce Rates On Your Blog

More reader engagement and decrease bounce rates are something every blogger craves for. You’ll never like a visitor comes to your blog and reads a post and goes away, only because he does not now what more to do at your website after finishing the blog post. That is the chance when either you’ll loose him or get him. Following are some techniques and plugins to help you decrease bouce rates and create more reader engagement.


Related Post Plugin (Outbrain, Zemanta, YARPP)

If you observe here at scrollstory, after every post ends you have a related post section where post’s related to the post you are currently reading are displayed. This functionality can be achieved by either custom code or using a plugin. I’d recommend using YARPP, Zemanta, Outbrain. These popular plugins also have provisions like leveraging your content visibility i.e you’ll pay some amount and your posts will appear in the related posts on some other blog (s) thus getting you traffic. Along with that you can get paid by these by allowing to show contents from other blogs in your related posts. If you want to go with custom code for your site/blog this article is great guide.


Quizzes online or offline are a great way to get your reader’s hooked up for longer time. They do it fun and to gain some knowledge at the same time. So remember everytime you post or embed a quiz in your blog make it infomative enough so that it will make the visitors want to come back again for more. I’d recommend using Qzzr, it’s a great tool to build online quizzes and post or embed it in your blog posts. Besides you always have alternatives like this, this and this, and not to forget you’ll always find something in the wordpress plugin repositories itself.


If you are unaware of this term then read this post of mine introducing BookKida, it uses a infographics or this professionally build one from These are basically long images containing data and statistics presented in a graphical manner. To create one info graphics it will require some data’s that you want to represent in a visually attractive fashion and a vector graphics editing tool like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or Corel Draw. You can always use online applications available for free.


Presentations are a great way to show and insert some interactivity to your content (blog post). Basically what you need is a presentation made in power point and upload it to After uploading you can embed it on your site.


Polls are not only enjoyed by the visitor’s or reader’s as they get to vote their favorite stuffs, Polls also help you  know and understand your reader’s better. As you know a customer feedback is very important part of the business as it helps them to improvise their product and increase their sales by learning custom behavior and wants. Similarly you can use polls to ask question to your readers to know their wants and what type of content they like to consume. I’d recommend PollDaddy and Survey Monkey. Though you can always have alternative’s, google them.

Contests and Prizes  (Captain up)

This is great plugin that will engage readers on-site. They will automatically have a profile and will gain points on doing some activities on your blog like reading a post, commenting, voting , liking , sharing etc. Grab this nice plugin here.


Newsletter are an inconspicuous part of any blog. Your visitors signup and they will receive updates when you post a new blog post or update something and the possibilities are much more. This is like once a visitor sign’s up for your newsletter you gain a permanent visitor and this is called conversion in marketing terms. Sign up for Mailchimp, Aweber Like 3rd party services and they too have worpress integration plugins. Or use newsletter managing plugins available like Newsletter or ALO Newsletter Plugin.


Who does not love a free giveaway’s. Giveaway’s can help you build a strong and large fan base and reader base as you know many will come to your site/blog for the giveaway and sign up or like your facebook page. I’d recommend using Rafflecopter  to power your giveaway’s, but may also consider other alternative plugins or services.


Videos are price less, really ! Not only do videos provide a 74% increase in your visitors’ understanding of your product or service compared to pictures, but they also increase the likelihood of your visitors purchasing your product or service by 64%. So when possible try to embedd related videos’s or make your own based on your content and post. Since the videos will be hosted on youtube you can get traffic from both youtube and other social media as your video will be shared.

Interlinking Of Posts 

Interlinking of posts are not only great for reader engagement, they are also a strong and good seo signal. More the posts are interlinked more rooted and deep is a blog and google ranks those blogs higher, but at the same time google has its own algorithm to tell those are interlinking less or not related contents to those doing natural interlinking with highly relative contents. So it’s always better to stay on the safe side and interlink only the highly relative content. You can also use SEO smart links to auto mate this work.

Let me know how these tips worked out for you. 

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