How Pocket Khaki Helps You to Commute Safely

The app Pocket Khaki is based on the concept of tracking safety of your loved ones while they travel.

In this post I’ll give you a walkthrough the app and will discuss the Pro’s and Con’s in details. Before starting, Download the pocket khaki app for android.

Here is a short and sweet video the pocket khaki team created as an intro to their app.


Starting the app will require you to register with your phone number and name. After filling up the name’s you will have to hit the activate account which will try to send an sms from your device. Now, when I did that, I received a code for activation, the weird thing was I received the message from my number. Now, that is not very trust worthy behaviour and a unexpected too. The developer should take a note here.

First of all you need to swipe in from left to right to bring in the menu, then head on to the contacts menu to add your chosen list of contacts who will receive your commutation log’s and distress messages in case of emergency.

pocket khaki menu

The app does a nice job of adding some of the most used emergency numbers to public services like police station, fire station, ambulance, anti-extortion, women related crimes, medical and etc.

pocket khai emergency contacts

Now after you have added your contacts, you hit on the Start new trip which will bring you the option to choose your mode of commutation you select one and the app will bring up the maps showing your location and the trip session starts. At the top Share Trip will help you to share the map of the trip with your chosen contacts. At the bottom Trip Log will open up the log of trips taken and finish will terminate your session in the app.

pocket khaki trip map

While in an trip you can share the location data and the app will share the real time location data and the distance covered along with halt times.

Now the best part, you can search for driver inside the app or add a new driver with photo and phone number and review them. This system will act as a crowd sourced database of aggregated reviews of public vehicles and drivers and thus helps in digging out the behavioural history of any driver.

pocket khaki driver review

At any point of time through your trip you can send a distress message to any of your contacts.

pocket khaki distress sms

The Review

Pros & Cons


The design of the app seems incomplete to me. It requires some more polishing like proper alignment and grouping of menu’s and settings. Icon’s are sometimes not properly organised and sometimes it feels there is no order in arrangement of icons and text. The developer has just used the available viewport (space on the screen visible) randomly to place the icons and texts. Material design is not implemented in the version I’m testing.

pocket khaki icons

User Experience

In terms of UX (User Experience) the app is pretty straight forward but lack’s organisation in menus and option. The options lack their predictable positions. I’m pretty sure the developer will fix these trade offs in next releases of the app.


The app packs a appealing set of features worth trying. It logs your commutations, helps you send distress message, provides access to crowd source database of drivers and their reviews, location sharing. Again you have to set all these options manually and very less automation is involved. I’d love to see some automation involved in some actions in future release of the app.


Though the app helps is proving security, but itself it may not be fully secured. Some noteworthy points are :

  1. Users are asked to enter names and number which are pretty sensitive information and there is no proof provided by the developer that guarantees the security of the data stored by them.
  2. The activation code received after a successful registration is from your own number which is weird.

pocket kahaki verification code received from your own number

Feature’s I’d Love to See

I’d love to see these features included in future versions of the app :

  1. Able to login via social media and integration of social media like facebook comments.
  2. The app should be able to determine when a journey has been started and ended.
  3. Sync with google calendar
  4. Recipients can receive automated notifications, distress messages, calls without need of installing the app


Pocket Khaki is a feature rich app which I would recommend to try to everyone. It goes a long way in making commutation secure and safe not just for women’s but for everyone. You will always want your loved one’s to travel to their destinations safely, give this app a try and check if it helps you achieve peace of mind. This app isnt perfect and has some trade offs but is insanely valuable to track commuting, trips and travels of your loved one’s. Be safe.

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