Top 5 Indian Stock Market Android Apps

You would definitely want to keep an vigilant eye on the stocks you have invested on, also the market, sensex and nifty.

Website’s like Moneycontrol, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money give the best real time fluctuations with detailed analysis, expert opinions, and all finance news and blogs. Here are 4 top sites you should be following for your daily finance, market and business digest:

You’ve got a Android smartphone and you want to check the market stats, stock fluctuations on your android phone, you’ve probably searched for some apps. No doubt there are a lot of apps on Google play store, but you should be sticking with one or two as your daily driver for stock market information’s.

I’ve analyzed all the available stock market apps in the Google play store and filtered out the best five you should look forward to.

I’ve ranked them taking following parameters into consideration:

  • Last updated
  • Features
  • User Experience
  • Publisher (A Reputed publisher will ensure that the app get’s updated at regular interval to support new features and improvising the current features)
  • Ratings and No. Of users

Tip:-If you don’t like installing many apps, stick with top 2 apps from the list below, you can never go wrong with any of the apps since both are from very active and reputed publishers and offer almost all features you’ll need in a indian stock market android app.

Here are top 5 Indian stock market android apps

#1 – ET Markets

Download ET Markets Android App

The all rounder and best app you can get in play store now. This user interface is updated with the latest Material design of android lollipop and looks real cool with subtle animations. The blue background with dotted font’s provide an immersive experience.

Looks aside, ET Market packs some serious features to impress anyone with every features you could ask in a stock market app.

et markets indian stock market android apps

Starting the app will land you on Live and real time sensex and nifty points updates and scrolling down you will find the top gainers, top losers, top movers of the day.

Touching the graph icon beside the search icon will bring up the index and the real time stock price variations, you get to select NSE and BSE. Portfolio contains the stock you have added to your portfolio, these are the one you should be keeping a watch on. Clicking on “Company” you can arrange the table according to company and similar goes for “Price and CHG %”. CHG % meaning change percentage of the the stock price from the last closing of market that is the previous day.


et markets indian stock market android apps trending


You get the market news updates, which pretty much from the same publishing house as the Economic Times is. And the real time recommendations based on the current market scenario.

The chart feature is pretty awesome in this app. You get to compare stocks with different line on a same chart , You get different types of chart styles and Then studies.

Great app in terms of user experience, with a very slick interface and all the necessary features makes this app the best indian stock market android apps.

#2 – Moneycontrol

Download Moneycontrol Android App

The Second best of the indian stock market android apps. This android app may not pack the visual perks of material design of android lollipop, but it packs all the stock market tracking features you would expect in an mobile app.

Opening the app will present you with a list of stock indices (plural of index), the yellow slider will navigate you thorough Indices, Commodities, Market Movers, Currencies. The bottom icons will navigate you to

  1. Markets – Will show current market stats
  2. News – Will pull some latest market related news from CNBC and Money control website and show up
  3. My stocks – Will shows the stocks you have added to your portfolio, the one’s you want to keep an close eye on
  4. Messages – Will open up a common forum where you can air your views and get noticed by other users and discuss with them
  5. Videos – Will show the live TV broadcast, Yes like your television

moneycontrol indian stock market android apps commodities

#3 – Stock Watch: BSE / NSE

Download Stock Watch Android App

A pretty straight forward app with necessary features like graphs, charts, Market stats, search function, News, My portfolio, Analyst corner, F&O, Derivatives. The app isn’t very good looking but packs all the standard features.

Bse NSE Stock watch tata motorsWith these features this app ranks 3rd in Indian stock market android apps comparison list.

#4 – NSE App

Download NSE Android App

An android app by NSE itself, Does not pack all the standard features but has got some basic features like search, listing all information about equities, graphs, charts.

NSE app

The unique feature it has got is , You can trade using this app, obviously it was possible since the app is published by NSE which is not available in any other app. But again you would not want to trade using a mobile app. I haven’t used that feature, and I’m highly doubtful trading via this app will ever find a large audience.

Thought it may not sport a lots of bells and whistles, but with the unique feature of trading via the app and the fact that the app is published by NSE, it should receive future upgrades and improvisations. This app makes 4th best indian stock market indian apps you can download from play store.

#5 – HDFC Securities

Download HDFC Securities Android App

The last but not the least , 5th best indian stock market android apps in the play store today is the HDFC Securities app. This app by HDFC will help you track stock market and will also empower you to trade stocks from the app itself.

HDFC Trading indian stock market android app-w800-h600

Other Noteworthy Apps


Download Appuonline Android App

The app looks colorful but do not pack any solid features to qualify as a full fledged and reliable stock market app. Ads placement at odd places in the app really hampers user experience and in long run may affect its usefulness.

appuonline indian stock market android apps stat

I’d advise the publisher of this app to show ads less aggressively and focus on adding more detailed stats, features to match the top apps for indian stock market android apps.

Indian Stock Markets

Download Indian Stock Markets Android App

A not so good app because it does not provides all the necessary features  a stock market app should provide, rather provides the Market indices and and some pretty basic stuffs like search and stock graphs and charts. The apps asks for some subscription fees for more features, and this feature will make users switch to another free app.

Indian Stock Market Android app watch-w800-h600


Simply because when they get all the standard features + all the bells and whistles in the top apps that I’ve listed above they would never opt for paying any money for such features.

It’d be wise on the part of app publisher not to ask for any subscription fees for the features that aren’t premium since the popular free apps like ET Markets and Moneycontrol are already providing them for free of cost

NB: – Remember that my opinion, testing and comparisons are solely based on the app as available at the time of writing this article. No doubt there is a room for lot of improvisations in each of the apps I’ve listed and they may or may not update and improvise in the future. Your experience may vary depending on what the app makers are offering for different mobile devices and operating system versions.

Didn’t your favorite app make to this list ? It is possible that I might have overlooked/missed a really awesome app, please let me know in the comments below.

NB: Please share it with your friends on facebook and twitter if you find this useful.

I’d love to hear your experiences with these apps or any other stock market app you are using in the comments below. 

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Paadarthi sreenivas
Paadarthi sreenivas

Nse bse stock watch app not downlogldin plz tellme

Paadarthi sreenivas
Paadarthi sreenivas

Nse bse app not down .

Sanika Sawant
Sanika Sawant

A very informative post to come with. For fastest share trading go for MO Trader app and for Mutual Funds and stock investments go for MO Investor app.


Thanks for sharing this kind of list, Personally I use Stock Market App named I using it from last 11 months and get accurate call from multiple SEBI Registered advisors. It is the best app for Stock Market.


Thanks for sharing this kind of list, Personally I use Stock Market App. Personally I use it from last 7 months and get accurate call from multiple SEBI Registered advisors. It is the best app for Stock Market.