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Equitymaster is a company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company’s flagship product is its research and analysis of stock market with pride of being the oldest (dating back to 1996) financial website in India.

about-equitymasterRahul Goel CEO, Equitymaster reached out to me after seeing one of our post on top stock market android apps in top results of google search and wanted us to review Equitymaster.

While every other app focuses on presenting the market movements in points, graphs and charts, equitymaster focuses more on analysis of the stock market fluctations and tries to provide indepth analysis, research on the same.

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Equitymaster Android App 



Opening up the app will land you on to this page which is a list of their recently published research and analysis articles and you can search articles using keywords by pressing that red search button. It seems that equitymaster is trying to separate itself from the crowd of other stock market apps by providing a very personalized and balanced overview of their analysis of stock market, unlike others who primarily focus on presenting market data with graphs and stock quotes at first. This clearly makes it simpler to consume the app at first glance, and their effort to hook in the users with catchy titles seems to work.












Swiping left in the app will reveal the menu. This will be the primary navigation to different parts of the app. Standard features like today’s stock market status, stock quote by ticker, monitoring the history of a stock’s fluctuation are available. Along with these, you can create your own portfolio and add your favorite stocks to monitor and get more personalized research articles catered towards your interest and portfolio of companies. Our views section lists their categories of research articles they publish.

Continuing with the tradition of keeping the presentation simpler and less cluttered, equitymaster will present a summary of a stock quote’s value over period of 52 weeks high, low, volume traded, the value generated by that volume of trade. Valuation, Earning per share(EPS), price to earning (P/E) ratio and related metrics summed up for quick digestable summary in one go is what set’s it apart from other apps who try to bombard you with figures and sophisticated graphs and charts. Being said that equitymaster does not really lack advanced charting features for detailed and granular breakdown of the stock movement. Here is a advanced chart showing ICICI Bank’s advanced chart:

Creating and maintaining a personal portfolio of stocks that you are interested in, what I feel is effortless. Equitymaster will try to find related articles from their published articles on market analysis which matches your interest. You can add multiple market instruments to your portfolio like equities/stocks, mutual fund (MF’s), Gold. And it will let you monitor your investments.












The Review

Pros & Cons


Prolonged usage of the app led me to find out few design flaws that I believe could have been ironed out to make user experience more better. Design of the app is simple to eye, less cluttered. With deeper integration of material design’s transitions, subtle guiding animations in the app’s overall design, the app could have been more appealing. The tables in different windows seems stretched out and they lack padding in the cells due to which the text seems to lean to edge without any padding around them. At some place there are textual links which could be made buttons for easy access, because the screen size will bottleneck the user interaction in many cases with small sized screens.

User Experience (UX)

In terms of user experience the app is pretty straight forward. Equitymaster focuses on presenting a summary of things you want rather than crammed up statistical figures fit into a small window. The menu’s and options are positioned at predictable locations which makes navigation easier. I believe that navigational jumps at few places could be avoided by using swipe views using tabs in android user interface design. I believe the developers will iterate on the design of the app over coming days and polish it to make it more accessible with less clicks.

Less clicks will make your conversion funnel simpler and thus conversion rate will increase.


The app does not pack a lot’d of bells and whistles to say, but has all the standard features you could ask from a stock market app. It surely provides an all round experience of monitoring the stock market, creating portfolio and tracking net wealth, but it also tries to set apart from other apps with easy to digest summaries, research and analysis articles.

I could not find any video analysis, or any discussion/debate kind of video’s which major apps like Moneycontrol, ETMarkets provide in-app, which could have been nice addition considering the apps’ unique selling point is providing advice on markets, trading and investments through content in the app.


The app does not deals with any critical information rather than creating and managing accounts with your email id. Thus there is not much security aspect to research on. One thing I found weird with equitymaster app is, once you create account in the app you will receive an email with your username and password written in clear text. And that is a bad practice. I’d like to suggest to product team to not share the password in any email or sms with anyone, not even with the user whose account it is.

That will mean, if the user requests for password reset, send an email with link to reset the password, but never store and transmitt the actual password over any mode of communication other than the time of creating account, login and password reset.

Feature’s I’d Love to See

I’d love to see these features included in future versions of the app :

  1. Easier navigation and less jumping between different menu’s
  2. Starting page can be made to show a overview of market’s status like live sensex points, your portfolio’s net worth, and then the articles.
  3. Designers can get more creative freedom in choosing the color palette in building the user interface of the equitymaster android app. The current version of the app with grey and red color looks a bit dull and boring to be honest.

Colors attract attention. And attention leads to conversion.


Equitymaster’s android app is one feature rich app with unique selling point of research, analysis and reviews and views on news of stock market. I’d definitely suggest you to give it a try and experience how it helps you with your daily investment and market monitoring routine. The app goes a long way in simplifying, summing up market news and statistics making it a super time saviour tool for busy & seasoned traders to make quick decisions and beginners & less experienced investors to grasp the stock market data effectively and effortlessly.

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